John Passeri, MD
EDC Heart Center | 2014

In 2001, the Institute of Medicine identified patient-centered care as one of six interrelated factors constituting high-quality health care. To this end, patients visiting MGH often have “coordinated” visits in which multiple testing and/or provider appointments are scheduled for the same day.  However, such coordinated visits may not be entirely “coordinated”.  For example:  

  • The full day’s itinerary may not be captured in
    a single document
  • *Visits often occur at multiple locations across
    the MGH campus
  • Patients are contacted separately by each
    provider’s office, laboratory, or testing area
    with appointment confirmations and other

Better coordination can be achieved via a smartphone-based application that helps the patient and family track the multidisciplinary day. On the app details about care teams, appointment times, office locations, key phone numbers, hospital maps, and pre-visit check-lists are all easily accessible. Improved patient experience and increased efficiency are also key goals of this user-friendly app.