Aminata Lawrence, MA, Internal Medicine Associates
EDC Primary Care | 2023

As a busy Medical Assistant at the Internal Medicine Associates practice, Aminata’s direct experience with securing Prior Authorizations inspired her to submit her idea to the program. She described that there are many parts to filling out a Prior Authorization and the information is never in one location. Most often she found herself searching for information in a patient’s chart, calling the pharmacy, waiting for a free moment to ask the doctor, or looking in old notes for the information that the insurance companies require to make determinations. This takes a lot of time, and the Prior Authorizations can accumulate and, in the meantime, patients’ needs will not be met if they are not completed.  Recognizing the necessity of this requirement, Aminata submitted her idea to create a process to streamline the collection and storage for future reference of necessary information to facilitate meeting the requirement for securing prior authorizations.  This will not only be for her benefit, but also for all of the staff and most important, the patients.