Graphic by Rachael Acker
Lauren DeMarco, LicSW
EDC Nursing and Patient Care Services | 2021

As a social worker on Lunder 9, Lauren noticed that many patients leave the hospital on a much more complex medication regimen than when they arrived. This leads to frequent medication errors, including missed doses of vital medicines, increased symptoms, and potential re-admission. To address this pain point, Lauren came up with a multi layered solution for medication management at discharge. The concept behind MedBox is to keep a stock of pill boxes and teach patient/families upon discharge on how to fill them. This could be especially helpful with time-limited meds (five-day courses, seven-day courses, etc.) or essential meds that must be taken every day. Many patients simply cannot afford these helpful tools. In addition to pill boxes, a text messaging system will be utilized to message patients when it’s time for them to take their medication.