Jared Conley, MD, PhD, MPH
Associate Medical Director

Andrew Chu, MD, MPH, MBA
Clinical Affiliate

28 August 2023

In an incredible testament to the power of innovation and collaboration, the “AHA ACLS” app has reached a significant milestone by garnering 20,000 users worldwide. With a global footprint spanning 183 countries and over 6,100 cities, this mobile app has transformed the way clinicians approach Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) protocols.

Just under a year ago, the MGH Healthcare Transformation Lab (HTL) embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA) to revolutionize patient care. The result was the creation of the AHA ACLS app, designed to provide clinicians with an invaluable tool for navigating ACLS-specific clinical protocols. Tailored for front-line clinicians, the app addresses the unmet needs of existing solutions and aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of life-saving interventions.

With a user-friendly interface and AHA-certified content, the AHA ACLS app empowers clinicians across the globe to respond effectively to emergencies and adhere to the latest ACLS guidelines. The app incorporates the AHA ACLS 2020 protocol updates, ensuring that users have access to the most current and trusted information. It’s worth noting that all ACLS content within the app has undergone rigorous development, study, and vetting by the AHA.

The achievement of 20,000 users worldwide underscores the immense impact the AHA ACLS app has had on healthcare professionals. With its far-reaching accessibility and robust content, the app not only streamlines patient care but also furthers the mission of saving lives. As the app continues to grow and evolve, the partnership between MGH HTL and the American Heart Association serves as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and dedication to the advancement of healthcare on a global scale.

The AHA ACLS app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.