Jared Conley MD, PhD, MPH

The announcement of a new Advanced Care at Home Coalition led by Kaiser Permanente and the Mayo Clinic signals a willingness by major healthcare systems across the country to provide hospital-level acute care for some patients at home with the help of new technologies that allow clinicians to monitor and stay in touch with patients remotely.

HTL’s Dr. Jared Conley speaks on the announcement to Medscape:

“This burgeoning movement has broad implications for physicians, including those who now care for patients in brick-and-mortar hospitals, as well as community physicians who are involved in the patients’ post-acute care.”

“Physicians’ role in acute care will certainly change. I think there’s a growing consensus that we have an opportunity, with all the tools we have, to rethink how we take care of patients in the acute-care setting. There’s the traditional model that we’ve used in the inpatient setting for decades, and now technology is getting us to rethink that model.”

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