Jared Conley, MD, PhD, MPH
HTL Associate Director

6, May, 2021

Home Hospital Innovation at Mass General.

HTL’s Dr. Jared Conley presents to members of the Scottsdale Institute on MGH’s experience using technology to further enable the delivery of acute hospital care in the home.

The Scottsdale Institute (SI) is a not-for-profit membership organization of prominent healthcare systems whose goal is to support its members as they move forward to achieve clinical integration and transform the way we work through information technology. SI facilitates knowledge sharing by providing intimate and informal forums that embrace SI’s three pillars of collaboration, education and networking.

In this webinar, Dr. Conley presented the scientific foundation for delivering acute hospital care at home, the current work being done at MGH and nationally/internationally to expand this care, and the opportunities and innovations in telemedicine, diagnostics, and remote patient monitoring that are enabling acute care in the home, as well as remaining challenges.

View recording of presentation on YouTube here.