The Healthcare Transformation Lab At Mass General

Great ideas to improve healthcare are everywhere. We help make them real.

It's time to transform the way healthcare is delivered.
The Healthcare Transformation Lab at Mass General was created to improve the experience and value of healthcare by inspiring collaborative innovation and leveraging novel technologies.

So we're bringing clinicians, engineers, entrepreneurs and economists together.
We're helping to connect, inspire, and support passionate people from diverse backgrounds as they collaborate on ways to deliver more-efficient patient care and improved health outcomes.

Evaluating ideas with clinicians, staff and patients.
Using the rapid exchange and iteration of ideas, and validation at every step of the design process, we ensure that new products and approaches are accurate, effective, and add value.

To ensure that bright new ideas are actually put into practice.
As promising ideas emerge and are validated, we support their development and champion their delivery and adoption to ensure a sustainable impact on patient care.
Our process
Connecting clinicians, hospital staff and patients with external partners across private industry and academia to investigate and pilot viable solutions.
Helping great ideas to become adoptable solutions, with constant validation and continuous feedback at every stage of development.
Fostering critical connections, providing early support for ideas and championing new best practices, to ensure innovations are implemented to maximize impact.

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Better care begins with collaboration
Let's transform healthcare, together.