Our crowd sourced innovation contest is an engine for systematically prioritizing pain points and supporting great ideas from across all role groups.

What is open innovation?

Open innovation is a model of collaborative innovation. We encourage all role groups (clinical, administrative, tech, etc.) in the hospital to participate in EDC and facilitate collaboration throughout the competition. By leveraging diverse skill sets we believe we land on the most relevant pain points and the best solutions. Since the first Ether Dome Challenge in 2014, we have awarded over $150,000 to eight different projects.

How It Works

Winning ideas are granted funding to implement their ideas, and project support from the Healthcare Transformation Lab. The Ether Dome Challenge (EDC) is an open innovation contest seeking solutions to pain points identified by front line staff at MGH. Designed by HTL and the Harvard Business School (LISH) the goals of the program are to engage staff in the ideation and selection process and to fund projects for implementation. EDC consists of four phases: Ideation, Crowd Voting, Application and Awards.

Round 1: Ideation

All members of the department are invited to submit pain points and solutions to real challenges they face in their workday. 

Round 2: Crowd Voting

Submissions are posted anonymously to a secure online platform and the department is invited to vote anonymously on which ideas they would like to see implemented.

Round 3: Application

Top-voted ideas are invited to submit full applications that are judged by senior leadership and subject matter experts at MGH and Partners.

Round 4: Awards

Winners are announced at the Ether Dome Challenge Awards Ceremony.  All winners receive project funding, project management, and leadership support. 

Round 5: Implementation

All winners receive project funding, project development, and leadership support. All idea submitters receive feedback and invitations to participate in projects.

Interested in running an Ether Dome Challenge for your department?