The MGH HTL Applied Research Fellowship in Healthcare Innovation is a one year action-learning program that provide a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals interested in hands-on care delivery transformation projects to make an impact on the front lines.

About the Fellowship

The fellowship program provides a unique opportunity for physicians to have protected time to develop and engage in care delivery transformation projects at MGH with mentorship from experts in the field as well as support from senior leadership. Using principles of innovation science and leveraging new technologies, fellows are encouraged to pursue projects that enhance the delivery of healthcare—making it a better experience for patients/clinicians and potentially more affordable and/or higher-value.

“The Applied Research Fellowship in Healthcare Innovation helped me appreciate the non-technical skills necessary for effective leadership to improving the quality of care across a healthcare system”

Yakin Bababekov, 2018-2018 Fellow & Surgery Resident

“This program afforded me the opportunity to further develop my passion for digital health and allows me the time and space to focus primarily on innovative projects”

Konstantin Stojanovik, 2018 Fellow

HTL is currently accepting applications for this program.

Interested in a fellowship in healthcare innovation?