HTL has helped develop several smartphone apps apps that assist clinicians with operational processes and clinical protocols. These apps make it possible of clinicians to manage patients while remaining at the bedside.

Mobile Apps to Enhance the Delivery of Clinical Care

Medical science is rapidly expanding.  We need new tools to meet the challenges of delivering high quality clinical care in this environment.  This is especially true in emergency care when health deteriorates rapidly. 

Digital technologies that have changed other industries.  This technology is finding growing impact in the medical field.   Mobile apps are one way traditional clinical care can be enhanced.    These tools enable clinicians to access the latest important clinical and reference information and guidelines while remaining at the patient’s bedside. 

At HTL, we have teamed with several frontline clinicians to understand their pain points and find opportunities to enhance clinical care through digital health. We have learned that the key areas for impact are in assisting with clinical emergencies where minutes matter. 

Our work has resulted in several mobile apps that have impacted key areas of medicine including emergency cardiovascular and trauma care.  Our work has impact not only at MGH, but also on a global scale.   One of our primary collaborators has been the American Heart Association, who has been a key partner in licensing their scientific content.  Our work with the AHA gave rise to an app that has been distributed nationally to 45,000 users across 160 countries.

Our team is committed to creating digital technologies to accelerate the delivery of the highest-quality medical care.  We look forward to future impact in this space.