Amy Dickey, MD
Innovation Fellow Project | 2019

There are well-established pathways for physicians interested in pursuing research careers in basic or translational science. However, when it comes to research that explores how new technologies might be used to treat patients, the path forward is far less clear and mentorship is often lacking. Nevertheless, inspired by her own personal experience as a patient with a rare genetic disease, eryth¬ropoietic protoporphyria (EPP), which causes painful skin sensitivity to sunlight, and a strong desire to improve the quality of life for others similarly affected, Amy Dickey, MD, is breaking new ground with the help of HTL.

During her time as an HTL Applied Research Fellow in Healthcare Innovation, Dr. Dickey launched a clinical trial among outpatients to investigate the use of a wearable light dosimeter and symptom surveys to help patients predict and prevent symptoms. The data collected provided the groundwork for developing quantitative endpoints for upcoming clinical trials in EPP, facilitating the approval of new therapies. The results of the project will also provide a foundation for Dr. Dickey to support submission of larger grants to further propel her research career to alleviate patients suffering with this and related conditions.