Steve Levine, William Li, Ph.D, Gabriel Ginorio and Hosea Siu
Co.Create | 2016

QuantaFit is a non-invasive device that provides a quantitative assessment of frailty. Despite doubling the risk of morbidity and mortality, reducing quality of life, and being highly prevalent among the elderly, frailty remains under-diagnosed by healthcare providers.  Physicians’ interest in frailty has grown significantly in recent years, as it is now seen as a useful predictor of the rate of success and recovery from various surgical procedures, such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). However, existing methods for assessing frailty tend to rely on subjective judgments or have a complexity that makes clinical implementation difficult. QuantaFit’s early prototype uses a Microsoft Kinect device paired with a strength ring wired with sensors to provide a user-friendly and quantitative assessment on frailty.