Yanik Bababekov, MD
Innovation Fellow Project | 2017

As a surgical resident at MGH, Dr. Yanik Bababekov had a lot of questions about the organ transplant process, which was at the time relegated to an often outdated communal spreadsheet, making it difficult to keep track of the specifics. He couldn’t help but wonder, what if there was a tool that could help providers and patients simplify the process and increase efficiency? It’s the type of question all too familiar to healthcare innovators.

During his year as a 2017-2018 Healthcare Innovation Research Fellow with HTL, Dr. Bababekov connected with the Laboratory of Computer Science and was able to build out functionality that leveraged an existing provider app Mojo, for an interactive digital transplant list that pulls directly from the electronic medical record. The application contains customized search filters for patients on the liver transplant waitlist. In addition, it integrates with the EMR as it auto-populates pertinent patient information. Moveover, the application can be accessed on-the-go by multiple users and displays information in a visually digestible format.