Kostantin Stojanovic, MD
Innovation Fellow Project | 2018

Sitting in MGH’s hallowed Ether Dome for Neurology Grand Rounds several years ago, Dr. Konstantin “Kosta” Stojanovic remembers clearly the moment he realized the impact new digital technologies would have on healthcare as a renowned speaker double checked a mystery diagnosis on Google and correctly pulled up amoebic encephalitis. While at the front lines of clinical care, Dr. Stojanovic saw there were clear areas where technology and digital health could play a role in patient care. Starting with the vast data resources of the electronic medical record, he focused on leveraging machine learning to create decision support models for clinicians.

As he finished his four-year Neurology residency, Dr. Stojanovic realized that a traditional academic progression would not support his long-term career goals in healthcare innovation. By joining HTL as a Healthcare Innovation Research Fellow, he found a program that supported his interests and has pursued a project using big data to create machine learning algorithms in order to diagnose sleep disorders.