Our Focus

We build in house solutions or partner with outside companies to tackle front line pain points in the following areas:

Patient Engagement
Giving patients the right tools to be active in their own health

Provider Experience
Reducing administrative burden so that our providers can keep their focus on the patient rather than the paperwork – and enjoy the practice of medicine

Working smarter to deliver quality care at a lower cost

“How can we reduce spending when we don’t know how much supplies cost?”

- Meg McCleary, RN


When patients are first diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, they’ve often visited the hospital thinking they have the flu but end up urgently admitted for 4-6 weeks of intensive inpatient treatment. Not surprisingly, isolation and depression are major issues for this patient population, who often report feeling as if they’ve been kidnapped. Moreover, although AML is highly treatable, these patients also have a disproportionately high misunderstanding of their prognosis; as one patient reported, “I was terrified and overwhelmed with information.”

Dr. Areej El-Jawahri and her team saw an urgent need to bridge inpatient psychology support resources with an intervention that could both teach patients about their diagnosis while simultaneously conveying basic cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to manage their stress. A year and a half later, an iPad game, entitled “DreAMLand,” is halfway through a multi-site controlled trial and is being submitted for FDA approval as a digital therapeutic. Early results have been overwhelmingly positive and the nurses on the unit have enjoyed using the game as a communication tool with patients.

MGH Heart

An innovative mobile app solution with the latest ECMO emergency guidelines at your fingertips. Available anywhere and anytime, the app ensures that up-to-date guidelines are on-hand in an emergency situation. Primary physicians and first-responders can also refer patients directly to your clinic via the app for life-saving emergent care. We collaborated with Dogtown Media and created a beautifully MGH branded specific mobile app for both iOS and Android for a 3 month pilot to study the use and capture data of where a majority of their Heart Center referrals come from. Within hours of publishing the app, MGH received 3 referrals from partner clinics within their healthcare network.  This app is now available for download in the App Store.



Decrease in no-shows and
late cancellations


For the inaugural cohort of MassChallenge HealthTech (previously PULSE @ MassChallenge), HTL matched with a startup called Medumo, which was working with Dr. James Richter and Emily Campbell in gastroenterology to put together a pilot to reduce failed colonoscopy prep via automated reminders that would be texted to patients.

In the year since HTL completed work with Medumo, Partners signed on for an enterprise roll-out, and gastroenterology completed an extended year-long pilot with 13 providers with plans to scale to all 35 providers in the department. From there, they will branch out to other endoscopy procedures and begin to use the platform for referrals and appointment reminders. The MGH team is also working on adapting the messages for colonoscopy prep into Spanish and are excited to address clinical disparities by reaching patients through the platform who are statistically less likely to get this important preventative care.

Since HTL paired with Medumo to digitize colonoscopy prep, the success of the project continues to grow and catch on. Jasmine Ha, Project Coordinator for gastroenterology says: “Patients are interested in this type of conversation, they expect the digital experience. And at the end of the day, it’s about patients.”

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