We’re doing some pretty cool work at MGH and across the city.

Transforming healthcare delivery demands genuine collaboration. No one role group or discipline holds all the answers. By partnering with technology companies, universities, and design firms, we’re able to consult a variety of subject matter experts for our projects.

MGH is a big place. Think of us as your ‘Innovation Navigators’ – whether you’re an internal innovator looking for support or an external group looking for guidance on a project.

Below are just a few of the collaborations we’re proud of!

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MGH Surgery and HTL

“It’s been very fun to see surgery fellows
outside traditional boundaries of surgery
and the department has benefitted
from what our fellows bring back
from HTL.

Keith Lillemoe, MD | MGH Chief of Surgery

The Department of Surgery’s collaboration with HTL dates back over 2 years to when Yanik Bababekov, then a 3rd year surgical resident, was accepted for HTL’s inaugural year of the Healthcare Innovation Research Fellows Program. HTL is now hosting its second year of innovation fellows, this time welcoming surgery resident Dr. Numa Perez into the program. Reflecting on back to back success stories, Dr. Lillemoe recounts, “it’s been very fun to see surgery fellows outside traditional boundaries of surgery, and the department has benefitted from what our fellows bring back from HTL.”

How one person lead to change at MGH




Saved annually by the Cost to Cath project

“How can we reduce spending
when we don’t know how
much supplies cost?

Meg McCleary | Cost to Cath

Meg McCleary was the team leader of the “Cost to Cath” project: a winner of the inaugural 2014 Ether Dome Challenge in the MGH Heart Center. She and David Bourque, the former Inventory Manager, dedicated significant time and energy to understanding, analyzing, and reducing unnecessary use of supplies in the Cath Lab. Together the team implemented creative strategies to engage staff in learning about the cost of supplies, including labeling supplies in the stock room with red-yellow-green cost guidance, simplifying trays to remove extraneous items, and rearranging rooms to reduce excessive supply use.

Since the completion of the project 3 years ago, the team has been implementing creative strategies to engage staff and have become ambassadors for using collaborative innovation to optimize value.



Lighter team with HTL Project Manager

MassChallenge HealthTech is the digital health arm of the MassChallenge accelerator. HTL has been a Champion since the inaugural year. Champions connect with start-ups through mutual matchmaking and provide 6 months of mentorship.

The startups we are currently mentoring for Spring 2019 are:

  • Lighter – Builds the technology that supports the journey of planning, cooking, shopping and eating healthfully through powerful sleek software.
  • Signum – Provides education through HD videos and animations with comprehensive descriptions of medical procedures and obtains patient consent.

Novelline Innovation Speaker Series: Shared experiences, lessons learned

The Novelline Innovation Speaker Series invites leaders in healthcare innovation, design-thinking, and care delivery to share their experiences and lessons learned with members of the MGH community. Made possible by a generous gift from Bill and Eileen Novelline, this quarterly lecture series provides a unique opportunity for forward-thinking members of the MGH community to reflect on their own practices and reinvigorate their passion for making healthcare work better. Past speakers include:

  • Will Shrank
  • Hal Gregersen
  • Thomas Lee, MD
  • Alistair Erskine, MD
  • In case you missed it... See past Novelline speaker, Mike Fenn's talk on healthcare and the Harvard i-lab

    One of the most important resources for innovation is people and their time.

    - Chris Trimble, Novelline Speaker