Healthcare Transformation Lab’s 2020 Impact Report

It goes without saying, but I will say it nonetheless … these are unusual times not just for healthcare, but for the world. We are in an environment of uncertainty on many fronts and our ability to continue to rise to the challenges has been tested. I am proud to be part of an organization like Mass General, which not only has been a resilient leader in managing the pandemic, but also has made a strong commitment toward addressing the social inequities that have become so evident. While the pandemic will eventually end, the new programs and processes that we have accelerated will continue to be central to our mission.

After five years of truly transformative work at HTL, this past year was one of reflection and I look back on all our accomplishments with great pride: We have completed over 80 projects, trained 8 clinicians in our fellows program, engaged more than 40 Mass General departmental collaborators (representing over 500 staff) in various challenge programs, and vetted hundreds of ideas to re-envision healthcare. Our continued success rests on our belief that truly transformative ideas come from the people who experience the pain points while trying to do their best to provide excellence in care. Indeed, the frontline hospital staff – doctors, nurses, advanced practice providers, administrators and technicians – are at the core of our work, generating ideas and engaging in the innovation process. Our founding vision and mission – to transform the care delivery experience for patients and clinicians – have served us well during this challenging time.

In this report, we highlight our focus on home-based acute care and our response to COVID-19 as we incessantly maintain our focus on leading the transformative change required for the highest quality, affordable healthcare.

I am incredibly enthusiastic about the future of our work and the impact it will have on patients and their families. And, it must be emphasized, we are only able to do this work because of the generous support of friends like you. A sincere thank you for your commitment to this cause.

View the full report here.