Novelline Innovation Speaker Series: Mike Fenn, PhD

How Can You And Harvard Innovation Labs Help Transform Healthcare?

The healthcare space presents a unique set of challenges to entrepreneurs pursuing medical innovations that improve both patient and economic outcomes. The most impactful innovations in healthcare often trace their roots back to the identification of a clinical pain point resulting in a solution that provides value to stakeholders across the healthcare continuum. Multidisciplinary vantage points are crucial to identifying these pain points and creating viable solutions to unmet needs within the complex healthcare environment. Additionally, facilitating innovation requires challenging the status quo by asking difficult questions in order to gain a deeper understanding of the problems faced by patients and practitioners. Harvard Innovation Labs serves as a hub for aspiring innovators, providing an intersection of diverse ideas and dynamic strategies that inspire novel solutions to real world challenges. Harvard Innovation Labs offers several programs to help members of the Harvard ecosystem with creation and growth of their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Dr. Michael Fenn, Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Harvard Innovation Labs, will provide an overview of several of the opportunities available to the broader Harvard healthcare and research community. Details on the Venture Incubation Program, the President’s Innovation Challenge, and the Pagliuca Life Lab will be discussed, as well as how to get involved in these different programs. additionally, Mike will cover the process of innovation from ideation to implementation and provide examples of healthcare ventures borne out of Harvard Innovation Labs. 

See Mike’s talk here.