Yanik Bababekov, MD, MPH
Fellow in Healthcare Innovation, 2017

As a surgical resident at MGH, Dr. Yanik Bababekov had a lot of questions about the organ transplant process, which was at the time relegated to an often outdated communal spreadsheet, making it difficult to keep track of the specifics. He couldn’t help but wonder, what if there was a tool that could help providers and patients simplify the process and increase efficiency? It’s the type of question all too familiar to healthcare innovators.

During his year as a 2017-2018 Healthcare Innovation Research Fellow with HTL, Dr. Bababekov connected with the Laboratory of Computer Science and was able to build out functionality that leveraged an existing provider app Mojo, for an interactive digital transplant list that pulls directly from the electronic medical record. At the same time, he also collaborated with HTL programmatic staff to roll out an instance of the Ether Dome Challenge in the Department of Surgery, developing skills in innovation leadership that sparked community engagement in quality improvement. His efforts resulted in the highest crowd voted EDC on record!

In looking back on his time at HTL, Dr. Bababekov noted that, “HTL and the Department of Surgery provided me with a unique professional development opportunity as I aspire towards a career in healthcare delivery science. The experience to not only co-train with, but also to be co-mentored by colleagues in system design, health services research, clinical surgery, and digital health technology led to truly innovative collaborations. In addition, I was able to extend the reach of my clinical investigations in transplantation and expand a network with industry as an intrapreneur. Importantly, HTL’s Healthcare Innovation Research Fellows Program helped me appreciate the non-technical skills necessary for effective leadership to improving the quality of care across a healthcare system.”

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