Announcing the MGH HTL Fellows in Healthcare Innovation for 2018-2019!

The Healthcare Transformation Lab is pleased to announce the second year of the MGH HTL Fellowship in Healthcare Innovation, made possible by generous support from the Aetna Foundation. This year’s fellows are Dr. Numa Pompillo Perez, MD and Dr. Konstantin Stojanovic, MD.

Dr. Konstantin Stojanovic is a neurology resident at MGH. He has a strong interest in studying sleep and in the business aspect of medical research. He plans to use big data to create machine learning algorithms to improve patient care and better diagnose sleep syndromes.

Dr. Numa Perez is a surgical resident at MGH with a background in aviation, electrical engineering and  the United States Marines. He is passionate about using his skills in the field of healthcare innovation to work to improve healthcare quality, outcomes, and disparities.

The 12-month action-learning places fellows at the intersection of clinical medicine and innovation of care delivery where they will lead care delivery innovation projects in an academic medical center with mentorship from experts in the field as well as support from senior leadership. Ultimately, the program aims to develop the next generation of healthcare leaders with the skills and passion to drive sustainable healthcare improvement and benefit vulnerable patient populations.

The Healthcare Transformation Lab welcomes these new fellows and looks forward to their work!

To see an overview for the HTL Innovation Fellowship, click here.