The Healthcare Transformation Lab is pleased to announce the winners this year’s Co. Create program. Three student-innovator groups were selected from 19 applicants and will receive funding and mentorship to develop their ideas in concert with clinical needs and help their potentially revolutionary ideas become reality.

This year’s winners, Mobiosense, Pine Health and Rendever, each put forth a product that addresses a major gap of quality and access in patient care.  The teams are comprised of students from MIT and Harvard with diverse backgrounds and expertise, including medicine, engineering, and design.

Mobiosense came to the program with a prototype that improves upon what is currently offered in telemedicine, and actually enables patients to detect alerting changes in heart condition. HERO is a portable, palm-size, “anytime, anywhere” diagnostic device that can be used to prevent future heart attacks.

Increased accessibility and ease of use is a common thread among this year’s winning projects. Cardiac Rehab (CR) reduces mortality by over 50%, but only ~20% of eligible people attend. Pine Health makes CR more accessible by delivering it in the comfort of a patient’s home and schedule to increase ease of access and decrease overall mortality from missed rehab.

Finally, Rendever is bringing the latest technological rise in healthcare into the homes of the elderly with a research-based virtual reality platform designed to address isolation, depression, and cognitive decline. Revisiting a past home, taking a walking tour of Paris, or climbing Macchu Picchu as a group are just a few of the possibilities Rendever offers.

Co.Create is in collaboration with MIT Hacking Medicine and MassChallenge and is supported by charitable contributions from AstraZeneca to create a unique opportunity for students to translate their idea into a sustainable healthcare solution.

Explore more about the teams and their work at the links below:

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