Kyan Safavi, MD
Clinical Affiliate, 2017

Kyan Safavi is a resident in the Department of Anesthesiology at MGH. He recently completed a research rotation in the Healthcare Transformation Lab as the clinical lead of product development of the Ping functionality of Mojo 2.0, a secure messaging platform built by MGH’s Lab of Computer Science and a flagship project of the mLab.

Ping allows clinicians to receive notifications about patient data in real time, rather than sifting through the medical record. Clinicians can configure every aspect of the alerting system, right down to which specific lab values they want to be alerted about and for which patient. Next up is a capability that would allow clinicians to share their alerts with other caregivers. For example, the night shift team could seamlessly receive alerts for the particular data points that the previous team felt were critical. These targeted alerts combat physician’s alert fatigue, helping to improve the safety and timeliness of care.

For Dr. Safavi, innovation provides the opportunity to tackle healthcare challenges that are experienced in everyday clinical life. The work of innovating involves putting oneself and ideas out there to be examined by others. Staying open to feedback, and in fact seeking out that feedback is critical. Otherwise the end product may very well satisfy one’s own needs, but nobody else’s.

Dr. Safavi believes that increasingly digital health products will take aim at solving some of the most difficult healthcare challenges. Right now there are many incredible products out there that have only begun to scratch the surface for the populations who are most in need—the elderly, the poor, those at the end of life, mentally ill patients, trauma patients, cancer patients, and others. While often overlooked because their problems are so complex, these patients stand to benefit the most from more connected, more timely, more data-driven care.

In the next 5 years, startups will begin making real headway with these populations, especially if partnered with academic medical centers like MGH who can help them learn from the patients themselves how to build a product that effectively addresses their needs.

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