May 12–14, 2017
Cambridge, MA

MIT Hacking Medicine is excited to bring you Grand Hack 2017 on May 12-May 14, in Cambridge, MA.

Want to change healthcare? Don’t know where to start, or looking for teammates?

Tackle healthcare’s toughest pain points alongside healthcare professionals, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Participants of any background with a passion for healthcare are welcome!

With 400+ participants and tracks in SMART Robotics and Intelligent Technologies, Patient Care Continuum, andInvisible Conditions, there’s a healthcare challenge for everyone.

  • Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology: SMART Robotics and Intelligent Technologies Track
    Social robotics and intelligent technologies are revolutionizing the healthcare sector. Enhanced connectivity between stakeholders, cloud and predictive analytics, image/voice recognition, are just a few examples of the huge potential to transform the healthcare industry. Teams will have the opportunity to choose to use Segway Loomo robots with full SDK.
  • Janssen: Patient Care Continuum Track
    Design ?effective solutions to ?empower seriously or chronically ill patients, increase access to ?higher quality care, and leverage new health information/tools. These solutions should aim to facilitate active connections between health care providers, caregivers, and patients, so that patients feel in control of their condition and the continuity of care is strengthened.
  • UCBInvisible Conditions Track
    Create solutions to minimize the stigma and challenges that surround patients living with their illness. This track will discover innovative approaches aimed to improve a patient’s ability to maintain a high level of independence by improving patient quality of life and patient outcomes.

Never been to a healthcare hackathon? Check out this video to learn more!

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