Over the past year, the Healthcare Transformation Lab has collaborated with MGH’s Specialized Healthcare Services and the Marketing Department to create a fresh new digital map of the MGH campus. The map – now live on the MGH website – offers a detailed, visual representation of our campus including photos and detailed information on buildings and amenities to help visitors more easily navigate our campus. Visit the new map at http://www.massgeneral.org/visit/maps/massgeneral_main_campus.aspx

The new map tags a wide variety of key MGH locations – such as buildings, dining areas, ATMs, amenities, and points of interest around the hospital. The map can be searched and personalized links sent to people to help them find their way to specific destinations. A customizable print view is also available for those who want a paper copy.

Have feedback? Want to learn more? Or see something missing from the map? Get in touch! hctransformationlab@partners.org

Coming soon to the map – virtual tours!

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