Novelline Innovation Speaker Series: Jose Gomez-Marquez


Join us for our quarterly speaker series on innovation in healthcare!

DIY Medical Technologies

  • Novelline Innovation Speaker Series Presents: Jose Gomez-Marquez
  • Monday, February 29, 12:00-1:00pm
  • Location: Simches 3110
  • Lunch will be provided
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Jose Gomez-Marquez directs the Little Devices Lab at MIT’s International Design Centre and the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science at MIT. The group aims to lower barriers to medical prototyping by bringing the worlds of health and making together. The lab’s recent initiatives include the MakerNurse Project, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supported initiative to harness and discover the stealth ingenuity of nurse making around the country.

Gomez-Marquez is also the co-inventor of the Ampli and MEDIKit platform, a series of design building blocks that empower doctors and nurses around the world to invent their own medical technologies. His other research projects include crowdsourced epidemiological diagnostics, paper microfluidics, and reconfigurable diagnostics for extreme environments that can detect pathogens such as dengue and ebola. He is co-founder of Pop Up Labs, a startup that accelerates homegrown innovation devices within hospitals systems around the country launching institutional Medical Makerspaces™. Gomez-Marquez arrived to the United States from his native Honduras on a Rotary exchange and currently lives in Boston.