Advances in digital health technologies hold great promise that health care can be delivered in smarter, simpler and more cost effective ways. Mobile technologies can foster patient engagement, enhance care team communication, and improve the health care experience for both patients and their providers. MGH, renowned for delivering the most advanced and highest quality medical care for over two centuries, is well positioned to lead the effort to create and test innovative mobile technologies that enhance and improve care delivery. To this end we are excited to announce the formation and launch of mLab, a collaborative comprised of MGH’s Healthcare Transformation Lab, the Lab of Computer Science, and the MGPO’s Advanced Technology Team. This new collaborative will be led jointly by Eric Isselbacher, MD, Henry Chueh, MD, and David Ting, MD.

mLab will serve as an innovation partner and incubator for MGH and its diverse groups and departments by: 1) facilitating the design, development, and implementation of mobile solutions; 2) evaluating and integrating digital health care tools and products that address patient and provider needs; and 3) serving as a hub to make connections and find synergies among MGH innovators, Partners teams and external groups from academia and industry interested in collaborating around digital health solutions.

MGH innovators and investigators can connect with mLab through any of the collaborative’s founding teams. For projects that align with MGH/mLab’s mission and goals (e.g., reducing administrative burden and enhancing quality and safety), resources such as consultation, technical support, and/or funding may be provided to help bring the project to fruition.

It is our hope that as mLab streamlines the creation and implementation of effective digital health solutions, innovators will find working with mLab to be efficient, productive and rewarding.