We provide infrastructure that encourages creative thinking and knowledge-sharing at MGH to drive transformation.

Our crowd sourced innovation contest is an engine for systematically prioritizing pain points and supporting great ideas from across all role groups.

Our events connect students, thought leaders and frontline staff and allow for sharing of insights from across industries.

Our education sessions, innovator in residence rotations, and Aetna Foundation fellows program offer a career pathway for clinicians interested in technology innovation.

The Ether Dome Challenge: Help us Transform Healthcare

The Ether Dome Challenge (EDC) is an open innovation challenge designed by the Healthcare Transformation Lab in collaboration with Harvard Business School. The goal of the EDC is to engage MGH staff to think of solutions to pain points that they face daily in their work at MGH. Winning ideas are granted funding to implement their ideas, and project support from the Healthcare Transformation Lab. In previous years, some of the winning projects aimed to: improve care-coordination for patient’s multidisciplinary days, develop algorithms to better match specialists to patients, and educate staff on how to make cost-effective supplies choices.
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The Ether Dome Challenge: Help us Transform Healthcare

Co.Create: Sustained engagement for great ideas

resource gap graphic 10-20-2015

There is a currently a very large resource gap that students must overcome – largely by themselves. Even though some of these ideas are potentially revolutionary, many of these solutions never ultimately receive funding, or are implemented in a hospital. Co.Create hopes to fill the currently-existing resource gap for student healthcare entrepreneurs.

Many novel and potentially revolutionary healthcare solutions never cross the finish line and aren’t implemented in the clinical setting. We think there are two key reasons why this occurs:

  • Clinical and end-user input is not provided early enough in the process and
  • There is a lack of sustained engagement for great ideas that emerge from classes, healthcare hackathons and business plan competitions

Co.Create aims to address this gap by pairing student innovators with clinical subject matter experts and providing them with the resources and connections they need to translate their idea into a sustainable healthcare solution.

Housestaff Program in Healthcare Innovation

With the rapidly changing healthcare environment, combined with advancements in technology, there is a growing interest among trainees in a career in healthcare delivery innovation. But current trainees have limited exposure to the technology innovation life cycle and implementation sciences: two key areas ripe for transforming the way we delivery care in the future.

With this in mind, we created a monthly event series for MGH housestaff interested in learning more about emerging healthcare technologies as well as care delivery innovation and implementation science. In a highly iterative model based on trainee feedback, every month we bring in a new speaker to present on a different topic area of interest to the housestaff.

Objectives of the program are as follows:

  1. Career development (Clinician Innovator career track)
  2. Showcasing interesting Digital Health/ Health IT projects
  3. Brainstorming new project/ research ideas and offering support to navigate the enterprise to bring research projects to reality
  4. Exposure to the healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship community

MGH HTL Fellowship in Healthcare Innovation

This one year action-learning program, made possible by a generous grant from the Aetna Foundation, provides a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals interested in hands-on care delivery transformation projects to make an impact on the front lines.  Fellows will spend majority of the year leading care delivery innovation projects in an academic medical center with mentorship from experts in the field as well as support from senior leadership. Sample focus areas of interest could include: a) digital health and health IT; b) quality, safety and outcomes; c) population health; and d) patient-centered care.

Novelline Innovation Speaker Series: Shared experiences, lessons learned

The Novelline Innovation Speaker Series invites leaders in healthcare innovation, design-thinking, and care delivery to share their experiences and lessons learned with members of the MGH community. Made possible by a generous gift from Bill and Eileen Novelline, this quarterly lecture series provides a unique opportunity for forward-thinking members of the MGH community to reflect on their own practices and reinvigorate their passion for making healthcare work better. Past speakers include:

  • Chris Trimble, MBA
  • Jose Gomez-Marquez
  • Chris McCarthy, MPH, MBA
  • Punam Keller, PhD
  • Retsef Levi, PhD

“Innovation is a two part challenge: idea and execution, the journey from breakthrough idea to breakthrough impact.”

Chris Trimble, Novelline Speaker