Innovator Spotlight – Jason Wasfy

Jason Wasfy, MD, MPhil

Dr. Wasfy, a practicing Cardiologist, serves as Assistant Medical Director of the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, and Director of Quality and Analytics for the MGH Heart Center.  In the dual role clinician and leadership, Dr. Wasfy is involved with numerous initiatives aimed at improving the quality and value of healthcare.

PrOE PCI is one such initiative, aiming to better align clinical decisions to individual patient needs. PrOE is a tool used across MGH to measure the appropriateness of procedures for patients.  The Department of Medicine and the Healthcare Transformation Lab partnered to award funding to add complicated risk models to PrOE for percutaneous coronary intervention, building upon work started by colleague Dr. Robert Yeh.  The final product is an individualized consent form for patients showing their individual risk scores, as well as a clinician worksheet that shows patients risks and suggestions for what they might do differently for individual patients.

Dr. Wasfy explains the importance of decision support tools such as PrOE PCI as a check for clinicians:  “If you think about the way that medicine has evolved, the traditional model is a physician making decisions based on their experience and their gut that in many ways has a lot of value…We are not smart enough to integrate a model of seven variables; it’s too complicated for the human brain. So what happens is, just like all humans, we revert to our gut. The problem with your gut is that it’s biased by all kinds of history.”

The goal of the individualized consent forms and worksheets is to address cognitive bias in decision making, and to ensure that patients feel fully informed before consenting.  As Dr. Wasfy explains, “The nice thing about these kinds of tools is that it will not only better align our clinical decisions with meaningful risks and benefits for individual patients, but it will also be a more fundamentally right way of sharing information with patients.”

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