At the MGH HTL we focus on building innovation partnerships to help us transform healthcare.

Transforming healthcare delivery demands genuine collaboration. No one role group or discipline holds all the answers. By partnering with technology companies, universities, and design firms, we’re able to consult a variety of subject matter experts for our projects.

MGH is a big place. Think of us as your ‘Innovation Navigators’ – whether you’re an internal innovator looking for support or an external group looking for guidance on a project.

Below are just a few of the collaborations we’re proud of!

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A collaboration among the Healthcare Transformation Lab, the MGH Lab of Computer Science, the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, and the MGH Information Systems& Management Planning. 

MGH innovators and investigators can connect with mLab through any of the collaborative’s founding teams. For projects that align with MGH/mLab’s mission and goals, resources such as consultation, technical support, and/or funding may be provided to help bring the projects to fruition.

mLab will serve as an innovation partner and incubator for MGH and its diverse groups and departments by:

  • Facilitating the design, development, and implementation of mobile solutions;
  • Evaluating and integrating digital health care tools and products that address patient and provider needs; and
  • Serving as a hub to make connections and find synergies among MGH innovators, Partners teams, and external groups from academia and industry interested in collaborating around digital health solutions.

Pulse @ MassChallenge


PULSE@MassChallenge is the digital health arm of the MassChallenge accelerator.  HTL is thrilled to be a Champion for PULSE@’s inaugural year.  Champions connect with start-ups within PULSE@ through mutual matchmaking and provide 6 months of mentorship.

The startups we are currently mentoring for Spring 2017 are:

  • Emerald Innovations – Tracks the 3D motion of patients at home through radio signals to detect falls.
  • Medumo – Provides timely texts and emails with links to interactive education, to help providers deliver the right instructions to the right patient at the right time.

HUB Week


Year 2 – Demo Day

Representatives from the MGH Innovation Collaborative including the MGH Healthcare Transformation Lab, the Laboratory of Computer Science, Medicine Innovation Program, MGH Telehealth team, the MGH Learning Laboratory and Simulation Center, CAMTech and Healthcare360 gathered together at the HUBweek demo day event to demonstrate the latest in mobile devices, wearables, analytics, and patient simulation. The MGH digital health consortium brings together clinicians, engineers, designers and business people to continually explore the intersection of technology and medicine.


Year 1 – Digital Health Fair

As part of Boston’s first ever HUBweek, the Healthcare Transformation Lab hosted a Digital Health Fair highlighting emerging technology companies and organizations helping to drive change in the healthcare system. Attendees were able to see first-hand how technology and medicine are teaming up to revolutionize healthcare in Boston and around the globe. The event attracted over 300 attendees.

Full list of participating companies

Mass Art


This spring, undergraduate students from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s (MassArt) Information Architecture II course took part in a 10 week project on hospital navigation. Led by Associate Professor Joe Quackenbush, the students were tasked with proposing approaches and tools to improve the patient wayfinding experience at Massachusetts General Hospital.

From February – April, the students scoured the MGH campus working to thoroughly understand the good, the bad and the ugly of navigating the MGH. They creatively researched many modes of transportation including two students that undertook navigating the full hospital in a wheelchair to better empathize with the true experience many of our patients have. Throughout the spring, students met with the HTL to pitch ideas and receive feedback. The class made final presentations at the HTL in spring of 2016.  The HTL team had a fantastic experience collaborating on this project and we gained many design insights from the students.

Working with the Healthcare Transformation Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital in the spring of 2016 was pure joy... They were the very model of an innovative organization: enthusiastic, open-minded, smart, and deeply concerned about their patients at MGH.

- Joe Quackenbush, Associate Professor of Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Design